Do you need rapid 24/7 repair or maintenance of your Commercial Industrial Water Chiller / Water Cooling System?


Water Chiller & Cooling System Repairs
Melbourne, Bendigo, Shepparton , Seymour and surrounding towns

Commercial Refrigeration Services has over 20 years experience in the service, maintenance and installation of all types of Water Chillers, Water Cooling Systems and other Commercial Refrigeration equipment. 


Repairing all types of Commercial and Industrial Water Chillers for businesses such as:

  • Paper applications - paper and cardboard manufacture, label printing and manufacture and plastic film manufacture
  • Industrial batch freezing
  • Commercial welding, cutting, profiling, polishing and rolling
  • Medical applications such as MRI
  • Pharmaceutical manufacture and production
  • Dentists and Dental Technicians
  • Any other commercial or industrial business or application using  water chilling technology
  • Large Breweries and Microbreweries
  • Distilleries
  • Beverage production and storage
  • Industrial plating, diecasting and anodizing services
  • Commercial food production, processing and storage
  • Plastics manufacture - injection moulding, thermoforming, blow moulding and extrusion
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Laser applications - optics, medical, welding, profiling and cutting

Scheduled Maintenance Contracts For Your Water Chiller and Other Refrigerated Equipment


Don't wait until emergency strikes. Commercial Refrigeration Services provides its customers with both peace of mind and savings by keeping your water chiller and other critical refrigerated equipment running efficiently.

We provide our commercial customers with:

  • Priority support
  • Expert refrigeration mechanic with 20+ year's experience
  • Prompt, reliable and professional service
  • Regular, cost effective servicing of equipment
  •  We only use quality replacement parts
  • Reduce the chances of breakdowns and disruption to your business
  • Ongoing savings related to efficient refrigeration systems

Commercial Refrigeration Services is the trusted partner of hundreds of Melbourne and Country Victorian businesses that rely on cost effective, reliable repairs and service. 


Commercial Refrigeration Services is a fully registered member of ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council).